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Do you feel like your anger is out of control? In my experience with anger management I have found that a significant percentage of our population.  Surprisingly most individuals are not aware that their anger is a problem until it’s too late.

Here are 5 Indicators You Should Pay Attention To:

  1. You are having Physical Reactions – Muscle tension, accelerated heart rate, and shaking are all physical cues of anger. When your face turns red in anger it means your body temperature is actually increasing. The increase in heat may also lead to pacing, fidgeting, anxiety, high blood pressure and even cause a heart attack. A combination of these physical reactions can lead to aggressive behavior.


  1. You feel Angry all the Time – If you are finding yourself angry all the time this is a clear indication that there is a problem. Feeling as if you are on the defense means that you have unresolved issues that need to be addressed. Notice what you are thinking about when you become angry. Perhaps it’s time you invested some time resolving those feelings with a professional. You can try and ignore them but what we think about often determines our actions.


  1. Your Anger is too Intense – Do you overact to minor things? If you are blowing a gasket every time something doesn’t go your way or someone challenges you it’s probably time you address your anger. Do you find yourself in a cycle of regret because you continue to lose your cool? If so you are most likely causing damage not only in your relationships but also in how others view you.


  1. You’ve been Angry for too Long – if you have been feeling angry and out of control for more than 3 months it’s time to do something about it. The longer you allow anger to fester the more you put yourself at risk for mental and physical harm.


  1. You are Aggressive – Are you verbally or physically abusive to others? Have you lost control and are now dealing with the consequences of your actions? If the answer is yes you are at an even higher risk of having not only legal problems but ending up in a situation that could be life altering.


I have heard everything from I was born this way, my family is the same way or even this is part of my culture. Here are the facts; anger is a learned behavior and a secondary emotion. We are not born angry. If you are struggling with anger it is likely that you have much deeper unresolved issues that need to be addressed.  Every time we lose our cool we give away our power. Get the help of a trained professional so that you can overcome these feelings and find the peace you deserve.

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