couples counseling, women's wellness
Couples Counseling
Committed to help couples build healthy patterns, resolve conflicts, and effectively communicate toward greater intimacy and understanding.
life coaching
Life Coaching
Offering you the support and the tools to understand your purpose to create lasting change in your personal life.
individual counseling
Individual Counseling
A supportive and helpful way to get things back on track helping you to feel good again.
PERINATAL counseling, postpartum, pregnancy
Maternal-Women's Wellness
A safe place to be heard, feel supported, and talk about what you are experiencing.
Business Coaching
Business Coaching
Choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.
Individual counseling focused on trauma and addiction. Couples counseling focused on your relationship needs.
Counseling for women's wellness. This includes perinatal and postpartum education.
Coaching services for life or business.

We Can Help

Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed at times? Life adjustments causing you to feel something is off? Are you dealing with a crisis in your relationship? Is anxiety, depression or self-esteem becoming more than you can deal with? Have you tried to solve the problems you are currently facing and realize you need help from someone else?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you have made the right choice by seeking help!

You have taken the courageous step of realizing you cannot get through this alone, and with Climb Wellness & Counseling, you won’t have to.  We will meet you where you are currently, and explore the negative behavior and thought patterns that give rise to problems in your life.


Together, we will work collaboratively to face the struggles you are having today, and equip you with the tools to move onward to your chosen future.


With over 16 years of combined experience specializing in Couples, Individuals, and Family therapy, we have had the privilege to walk alongside countless individuals facing a wide range of life challenges. Here at CLIMB Wellness & Counseling we believe there is no issue too difficult to tackle if you are willing to do the work.


Contact us today to start working towards the life you not only want, but deserve! Together, we can get you there. 

Together we can CLIMB!


Providers at CLIMB Wellness & Counseling each have their own specialties and populations they help. Below you can view our providers’ bios and learn who may be a good fit for you.
Morgan Rahimi

Morgan Rahimi

Founder, Managing Partner, Supervisor & Therapist
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified EMDR Therapist, EMDRIA Approved Consultant, Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional (PHM-C), Qualified Supervisor, Certified Prepare & Enrich Facilitator, 7 Principles and Bringing Baby Home Facilitator, and Adoption Competent Licensed Mental Health Professional.
Specializing in trauma, anxiety, couples, and perinatal issues.
Cade Resnick

Cade Resnick

Co-Managing Partner, Lead Therapist
Marriage and Family Therapist and Doctor of Psychology in Conflict Resolution, Organizational Leadership and Cultural Change, Certified in ADHD, and comprehensively trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), solution focused therapy (SFT), and trained to Gottman Therapy level II. Currently working to become certified as a Gottman Therapist and a Guardian ad Litem Advocate, and Mediator. Experience working with families, couples, ADHD, abuse, teens, men, and families in conflict.
Specializing in relationships, men issues, parenting issues, perinatal, and teens.
Darcy Fritz

Darcy Fritz

Clinical Director/Supervisor, Therapist
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Qualified Supervisor, and Certified Prepare & Enrich Facilitator. Extensively trained in EMDR, medical social work, grief, chronic illness, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Currently working towards certification to become a Perinatal Mental Health Professional and a Certified EMDR Therapist.
Specializing in relationships, anxiety, trauma, and perinatal issues.
Patrick Monette

Patrick Monette

Counselor, Independent Contractor

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor, Certified EMDR Therapist, EMDRIA Approved Consultant, Certified Life Coach, and Certified EFT Therapist (Emotion Focused Therapy).
Currently working on advanced training in perinatal mental health.
Rachel Szafranski

Rachel Szafranski

Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern
Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern and comprehensively trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and solution focused therapy (SFT). Currently working to become trained in EMDR and certified in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Experience working with families, couples, ADHD, abuse, teens, women, and narcissism.
Specializing in relationships, women issues, parenting issues, and teens.
Melanie Murno

Melanie Murno

Mental Health Counselor Graduate Student Intern
Mental Health Counselor Graduate Student Intern- graduating in Fall 2024, Active Member of Central Florida Postpartum Alliance, comprehensively trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), solution focused therapy (SFT), and currently working towards certification to become a Perinatal Mental Health Professional.
Specializing in anxiety, adjustment issues, and perinatal mood and anxiety concerns.


We offer additional services, like clinical supervision for therapists, private practice consultation, and workshops/presentations for schools and businesses.


Sometimes when you're in a dark place, you think you've been buried, but actually you've been planted.

Christine Caine

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only Today. Let us BEGIN.

Mother Theresa

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