Individual Counseling for Women, Men & Teens

Many people have preconceived notions of what individual therapy is, but in truth, therapy can be many things.  The most important part of therapy is change, and that happens when the therapeutic relationship is based on mutual trust and respect. At CLIMB Wellness & Counseling we believe our responsibility is to assist our clients in gaining knowledge, resources, insight and the confidence to deal with all life may bring, both planned and unplanned.

Individual Counseling can offer a safe and healthy space to explore things that may not be working for them. At CLIMB our outlook is that we all possess strengths and resources within, that enable us to persevere even in difficult situations. We work collaboratively and in a timely manner with our clients to encourage them to take charge of their own lives and turn their focus and endeavors into functional, solution orientated behaviors for both their best interest and their loved ones.

Individual relationship counseling sessions can be a stand-alone service or can be used as a helpful compliment to life coaching or couples counseling.

In Individual Counseling Sessions Our Counselors Can Help You

  • Learn new ways of coping with stress, depression, anger and other disruptions in relationships, work or school
  • Define meaning and purpose for your work and family life
  • Learn to develop new life skills and get a fresh perspective on your present situation and future goals
  • Gain understanding and coping skills to deal with habitual destructive patterns such as self-criticism, panic, worry, anxiety and depression
  • Identify and overcome addictive behaviors such as eating disorders, substance abuse, gambling, etc.
  • Develop assertiveness skills that will help you get your needs met and improve your ability to communicate clearly and affectively
  • Heal through past traumas