Approaches in Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) is a transformational therapy modality for all categories of couples. EFT  was designed by Dr. Sue Johnson over 30 years ago to help couples both repair and strengthen their emotional bond in their relationship. In distressed relationships, couples often tend to argue about money, children, parenting, in-laws, infidelity, and even argue about what seems like nothing at all. Research shows us it is not the content of what couples fight about that really matters, it is the deeper and often hidden emotions, and unmet emotional needs underlying each partner’s position that really count.

EFT considers the relationship dynamics and interaction patterns as a “dance” the couple does. EFT therapy then particularly zooms in on what happens in a moment of distress for the couple. In other words, EFT looks at how the couple “dances” in these moments of distress. EFT is centered around
helping couples dance differently by changing the emotional music of the relationship.

Research has shown EFT is highly effective and has a 75% success rate for couples. EFT is a structured process that is split into 3 stages, that typically takes 10-20 couple’s sessions. Stages consist of de-escalation, restructuring the bond, and consolidation. When couples successfully complete EFT therapy
they will have a more secure bond, feel more connected, feel more trust, feel more love, and will have turned their relationship into their safest haven, even in the moments of distress. Research has shown that having a secure bond with your partner is also linked to reduce risk for heart disease, reduced stress, improved mental health, and improved resilience.


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