Managing & Development Relationships between Parents & Children

Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) is a parenting model that aims to improve the security of the bond between parent and child, and operates from the premise that having a secure relationship with your child is a key component of fostering a healthy development of the child. CPRT is an ideal model for children ages 3-8, but can also be used for pre-adolescents.

CPRT therapists will help teach parents specific skills based in Child Centered Play Therapy that are proven to foster more secure connections with their children. CPRT therapists will also provide practice and play sessions for the parent to practice the skills while playing directly with their child, while the therapist observes and supports the interaction. CPRT is a well researched parenting model, and the research shows that this model produces a significant reduction of child behavior problems, reduction of parental stress, improvement of parental empathy, and growth of a more secure bond between parent and child.

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